Eiffel Tower: Bonjour
  • Name: Eiffel Tower
  • Date: 08.12.2014
  • Category: Rocket Bear Trips
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This week I am in the city of Paris in France and Bonjour is how they say “Hello” here. It is a very big city with a long river, called the Seine, that winds through the middle of it. There are lots of bridges that go across the river for cars and people. My favorite part of Paris is a structure called The Eiffel Tower. It is 1,050 feet tall and made out of metal! It was built as a temporary structure over 125 years ago for the 1889 World’s Fair, but people liked it so much they decided to keep it. I am glad they did!

Can’t wait to show you where I will be next week! Have a great day.

Your Traveling Friend,

Rocket Bear

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