Bay of Fundy: Greetings from Canada
  • Name: Bay of Fundy
  • Date: 08.19.2014
  • Category: Rocket Bear Trips
  • Author: Rocket Bear
  • Description:

Greetings from Canada,

Today I am in the Bay of Fundy! And just like the first three letters in the name, this place is FUN! I have been able to go kayaking and exploring in this super-cool area. This area is most famous for extreme tides. A tide is when the ocean rises and falls over the course of a day. This place has the largest tides in the world by over 50 feet! That means that at high-tide the water is 50 feet deep and at low tide, you can walk on the sand. And all this happens in just 6 hours!

Make sure you are being good! I’ll write again next week.

Your Pal,

Rocket Bear

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