Hollywood: I am back in California
  • Name: Hollywood
  • Date: 08.20.2014
  • Category: Rocket Bear Trips
  • Author: Rocket Bear
  • Client: Hollywood
  • Description:

Hey Pal,

This week I am back in California in a special place called Hollywood! Hollywood is where many of the movies you watch are filmed. This is also where all the movie stars live and hang out. As I flew into town, I knew I was in the right place because of the huge HOLLYWOOD sign that was on the side of one of the hills (like the photo on the front). It’s hard to tell, but each one of those letters are actually 45 feet tall! That’s almost as tall as a 5 story building in a city. When you are down in town, you can see the sign from just about everywhere you go.

Well, time for me to blast off! Hope you are having a good week!

Your Friend,

Rocket Bear


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